TEA Advent Calendar ~ Get yours now!!!

Now you can give the perfect gift … a Steeped Tea 24 Steeps til Christmas Advent Calendar. It contains 24 tea samplers that will give you enough for two cups of tea. Purchase your box now…. because there are limited supplies.  Priced at $55. Code 9571.  You can place your order at www.mysteepedteaparty.com/AmazingTeaParty or contact me at amazingteaparty.com.


October Tea Special – $27

October’s Steeped Tea Special is great in so many ways….. great price and great product …. especially if you love pumpkin.  Contact me to place your order or shop directly at www.mysteepedteaparty.com/AmazingTeaParty

Code SPEC16OCT = $27 (to receive this special deal you must purchase any other regular priced item from the Steeped Tea Catalog)


New Catalog Item – Available NOW

Are you like me? Do you put your tea leaves in a cup to steep and then completely forget about it? Yep, this makes the tea taste bitter. Now you can make a perfect cup of tea using Steeped Tea’s NEW Tea Timer.

During July you can order both the NEW Tea Timer and our EXCLUSIVE great tasting Creamy Milk Oolong Tea for only $20.25. This is a 30% savings.

July Customer


No limits — place your order today at www.mysteepedteaparty.com/AmazingTeaParty using code JULSPEC.

Start a business for just $59 with Steeped Tea

ICE COLD NEWS! Turn your love of tea into a Steeped Tea business owner with the Summer sizzlin’ kit event! Start your business for just $59! FOUR DAYS ONLY!!

So, why the Iced Tea Infusion Jug? It’s made of durable, Triton material, is BPA-Free, dishwasher safe, stain and shatter resistant. And not to mention, it’s perfect for both hot and cold tea. Iced tea season is here and it’s the star of any backyard or picnic ParTea! What are they waiting for? Join now at www.mysteepedteaparty.com/AmazingTeaParty

Summer Kit

Help raise money to help Fort McMurray Fire Victims


A few of my Tea Sisters/Brothers are from Fort McMurray and I would love if you could help them and others in the area by purchasing one of Steeped Tea’s favorite Fruit Teas – Berry Mania. Each 50 gram bag is $8 and $3 will be donated to the Red Cross for Fort McMurray.
This tea is great iced and great for kids. Please consider purchasing 1-2-3 or more bags. Code is REDCROSS now through May 23. Ingredients: Elderberries, raisins, hibiscus, natural flavors.
Shop at www.mysteepedteaparty.com/AmazingTeaParty or email me at amazingteaparty@gmail.com to place your orders. Thank you for your support!!

Steeped Tea’s Spring Kit Extravaganza

2016 Kit Special

Have you ever considered starting your own business? Why not give Steeped Tea a try? For just $59 you can purchase a special kit filled with enough to get you started. It comes with the Stainless Steel Mod Pot (valued at $69), Perfect Pot Measuring Spoon, Steeping Sacks, 4 bags of the most popular teas, a bag of Matcha, and all the business supplies you need.  As you can see this is a great investment.

Contact me at amazingteaparty@gmail.com